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Here’s How To Write Your Book … REALLY FAST!!!

Here’s How To Write Your Book … REALLY FAST!!!

by Bart Smith

How would you like to be able to write a book in ONE WEEKEND? That’s what happened to my client and good friend, Leisa Reid, of GetSpeakerGigsNow.com and the International Speaker Network. She and I both wrote our books in a weekend.

She wrote Get Speaking Gigs Now and I wrote 99+ Speaker Success Tips & Tactics. Her last book took months to write. Why did this one take only one weekend? Because of how I write books these days! Having written 27 books, I think I got it down now.

After reviewing her content, I suggested she write her book in an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format. You can learn more about this type of (FAQ) book in detail in my SPECIAL REPORTS section. I wrote about it there.

Once I decided this was the best route for her to take, I set her up with one of my Google Doc book writing templates, she started typing on a Saturday and finished Sunday. So much of the book, the sections, etc., were already laid out for her.

She just filled in the blanks with her content. In most cases, she just answered questions I wrote out for her based on what I thought each chapter (or part) should be about.

She really poured in the time, knew her topic well, typed fast (she was so excited) and didn’t stop until she crossed the last chapter finish line.

For my book, 99+ Speaking Success Tips & Tactics, I simply banged out as many speaker tips and actionable items speakers should do in my phone, of all places, and finished in a few hours. I was in my car, in the parking lot of my mom’s doctor’s office just writing out all the mistakes I could think of. In about 2 hours, I had close to 60 actionable items. When I got home, I finished the remaining 99+ and bam, … that book was done in a single DAY!!!

I, of course, took the following next three days that week to lay out both our books professionally in Adobe InDesign, designed amazing front/back covers for each book, then we uploaded them into KDP.com (Kindle Publishing/Amazon), and within 5 days, literally, we were ready to order book proofs from the printer. THAT’S HOW I LIKE TO WRITE BOOKS THESE DAYS … “REALLY FAST!”

Why should you learn to write a book “REALLY FAST” like we did?

Granted, the types of books I’m going to suggest you write may not be something you’re used to writing or have ever given thought to write, so check this out. Also, do know I’m aware some books do take longer to write and that’s … all “write!”

Besides, these days, I’m not interested in showing you how to write a 200+ page book, per se. I have several books that are 150-200 pages, 200-300 pages, 300+ pages and while those are really great books, I don’t like writing bigggggg books anymore. (HAHA) Not only do most people not have the time to read such big books, I don’t have time to write them. That is, for now, I love pumping out these small, mini-books as you might call them, that are 80-180 pages in length.

For you though, I want you to first aim to write a 40-120 page book “really fast” so you can:

  • Go to PRINT with it … “REALLY FAST!”

  • Get INTERVIEWS for it … “REALLY FAST!”

  • SELL it (and the eBook and audio version) for a nice profit … “REALLY FAST!”

  • Use it to get SPEAKING GIGS … “REALLY FAST!”

  • Use it to create an OFFLINE/ONLINE CLASS … “REALLY FAST!”

  • Use it to SELL BOOKS IN LARGE QUANTITIES to event organizers when you speak to large audiences (because these types of books are so cheap to purchase) … “REALLY FAST!”

  • Use it for ANY OTHER REASON you can think of … related to marketing and making money … “REALLY FAST!”

  • For those reasons, and more, I want you to write your next book … “REALLY FAST!”

    What type of book should (or could) you write … “REALLY FAST?”

    Real quick, these books you could write really fast, perhaps in a weekend, if you knew your content well, maybe even had some content already written that you just tweaked, etc. I’ve written books for most of these types. Click on the featured image below of a book type you’d like to learn about, and it will open a new browser tab to learn more about that particular book type. Then, close that tab and come back to this page; it’ll remain open.

    Use my Google Document template to write your book … “REALLY FAST!”

    Yes, to write any book “really fast,” why not use my Google Document template to get you started?

    Just follow these directions below, and watch my video for a quick tour of how to get started writing your book with this online Google doc.

    1. CLICK HERE to open up my Google doc in a new browser tab window …

    2. MAKE A COPY (File ⇒ Make a Copy) of the Google doc and save it to your GMail account …

    3. Alternatively, download my Google doc as a Word .doc (File ⇒ Download ⇒ Word) …

    4. Once copied/saved, START WRITING and filling in the blanks for your book …

    5. When you’re done writing it, or if you’d like help getting started, CONTACT ME ….

    So, what did you think? Think you can write your book “REALLY FAST?” I bet you can with these tips and my template, eh? Well, there’s no time like the present to start writing your book.

    Just think about this, for every day you DON’T have your book done, or you’re not writing for it, you could be losing out on $100-$1,000+ per day! That’s lost speaker gigs and fees, lost book sales, lost online/offline class registration sales, lost consulting/coaching sales because you’re not able to promote yourself like you could if you had a book to promote with video and interviews!

    I think you get the idea, HOP TO IT and WRITE YOUR BOOK … “REALLY FAST!”

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