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Where Is Your “Book Tour” YouTube Video?

Where Is Your “Book Tour” YouTube Video?

by Bart Smith

What is a “Book Tour” (YouTube) video?

It’s a video tour showcasing your book, what’s in it, what the readers get out of it and maybe even how to buy it on your website or wherever you sell it online (i.e., Amazon.com, etc.).

I mention “YouTube” because there are hundreds of millions of people that might potentially see your video. Sure, you’ll have this video posted on your website, like I do, but hopefully you’ll post it on your YouTube channel as well where you might turn .00001% of those millions of viewers into customers!

But, no video means no one will ever learn about your book, which means no potential leads, which means NO POTENTIAL SALES or INCOME!$!$!$!$!$!

That’s why I made a book video tour for every one of my books here on MTC and posted them on my YouTube channel as well.

What is the purpose for having a video tour of your book?

Web pages and text descriptions are boring. What’s more, what’s in your book? Give folks a virtual tour of your book so they know what they’ll get in hand when they receive it in the mail.

Do you have an online version of your book (i.e., eBook or membership area that contains your book’s content) or an audio book online for folks to listen to after they purchase? I do. Well, showcase that inside your book video tour. Doing so can only increase buyer confidence and minimize buyer’s remorse.

What are some sample book tour videos?

Below, you’ll find a few book tour videos I made for some of my books. Whether they’re sold in paperback form, online eBook and/or audio format, I wanted to give potential customers/members a glimpse as to what they’ll be getting after they buy what interests them.

I’d like to think videos can also answer a lot of questions that I won’t have to field and the prospect can get their questions answered by watching the video tour, let alone, get inspired to make a confident purchase!

Make notes if you get ideas for creating your own book tour videos from watching mine? I actually whipped these up pretty quickly. I remember recording 12 of them in a 2-day period. So, they’re not that difficult to make.

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